Significance of Astrology

Our saints and seers were excellent astronomers as well, as they were observing the celestial bodies with keen interest. They studied the nature and movements of the various planets closely from Vedik time times and found that these celestial bodies have indeed been exercising, strong and varied influences on the people living in our planet. They also tested the efficacy of their deep studies and results with live examples and evolved the great science known as Vedic Astrology.

For centuries, various cultures have used the positions of celestial objects to understand and predict events taking place on earth and their effect on human life. Known as astrology, this science is used for personal readings, to get insights on business-related issues, career, finance, health, marriage and relationships. Different cultures share similar roots in ancient astrological practices but may use different methods i.e. Western cultures practiced Western Astrology while Chinese Predictions and Vedic Astrology was practiced by Eastern cultures.

This system is based on the premise that there are essentially nine planets that impact the lives of the people and that their careful study can reveal the past, present and future of any individual. These nine planets are known as the Nava Grahas. The Nava Grahas are Surya (The Sun), Chandra (The Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sukra (Venus), Sani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu. It is to be noted that the Astrological system considers the Sun and the Moon also as planets, and gives the northern and southern nodal points of the Moon too, the status of the planets, calling them as the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu.

Every planet forming part of the Nava Grahas has its own unique nature and characteristics. They are also capable of doing good and bad, depending upon various factors. The position of the individual’s Nava Grahas at the time of birth of a person and the planet’s’ subsequent movements across the zodiac signs are believed to decide everything about the life and fortunes of that individual. The positions of the Nava Grahas at the time of birth are plotted in a chart known as a horoscope, the careful study of which, reveals all the details about anything important going to happen or has happened in life.

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